Principal's Message

Throughout its existence, Clovis High School has experienced a transformation that provides a vivid reflection of the excitement and challenges the past 115 years have brought to our state and nation as a whole. Our clear focus on continuous improvement has resulted in three-time recognition as a California

Distinguished School and two-time recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School. Our fundamental educational mandate is linked to our governing-board goals of maximizing student achievement, a safe learning environment where character counts, and an effective and efficient operating system. Our mission is that all students will be given every opportunity to maximize their potential in the areas of “mind, body, and spirit,” enabling them to become productive, contributing members of our society. As stated in our Single Plan for Student Achievement, all of our goals center on student achievement and include the focus needed to close the achievement gap among our focus-group students. Our goals also focus on providing students with the most complete exposure to, and preparation for, the world beyond the classroom.

The range and diversity of our student population is matched by the wide variety of programs and activities developed to meet the ever-expanding educational and enrichment requirements of our students. A safe, positive, and inclusive culture is a hallmark of our campus. We believe our positive climate is the product of working proactively together, with a focus on the development of quality human-relations skills based on mutual respect for all the cultures that are represented among our students, community, and staff. At Clovis High, “Pride, Unity, and Excellence” is more than a motto — it is a way of life!

We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of our students and programs. We hope that you take great pride in knowing that you are personally assisting us in preserving and expanding the “Traditions of Excellence” that have long been our trademark at Clovis High. If you have any questions, please contact us at (559) 327-1000 — your input is always valued.



Stephanie Hanks, Principal