Advanced Placement/Honors


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Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies at Clovis High School is an academic pathway offered to students wishing to challenge themselves intellectually. The pathway includes honors and Advanced Placement courses, as well as advanced electives. We encourage not only our GATE students, but any student who seeks advanced learning, to enroll in these courses and maximize his/her intellectual potential while in high school.

Courses offered in the Advanced Studies pathway are designed to excite and sustain students' passion for learning and to help students develop critical thinking and skills necessary for success in post-secondary education. We want our students prepared to pursue the various lines of study that intrigue them and to attend rigorous programs at our nation's finest colleges and universities should they choose to go.


Why take Advanced Studies courses? They:

  • Provide intellectually challenging, rigorous coursework.
  • Lay the foundation for post-secondary studies.
  • Inspire students to inquire and think critically.
  • Meet the needs of GATE students through an established curriculum - advanced electives, vertical acceleration, and honors/AP classes.
  • Provide opportunities for recognition: AP Scholars, Advanced Studies Scholars of Distinction.

Benefits of the Advanced Studies pathway:

  • Take classes with similarly motivated students.
  • Gain knowledge and skills for increasingly difficult coursework.
  • Stand out in the college admissions process; colleges and universities value participation in difficult coursework as much as or more than test scores/GPA.
  • Stand out in the competition for scholarships and awards.
  • Be recognized as an AP Scholar and/or as an Advanced Studies Scholar of Distinction.
  • Be competitive relative to a national standard (AP).
  • Know that you have made the most of your educational opportunities.