Choral Music

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Introducing the Cougar Choirs of Clovis High School…

The CHS Choirs provide a place for singers to become vocalists, for strangers to become friends; we offer opportunities to sing in concerts that transform lives, where we experience beauty on a daily basis, and strive to be our best for the world.

The Choral Department consists of six choirs:  Enchante (beginning women), Belle Cantante (advanced women), Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, and Contemporary A Cappella (think ‘The Sing-Off’ or ‘Pitch Perfect’).  We also feature a men’s choir, soloists and ensembles at many of our programs.

The program presents four concerts a year….

In the fall we produce “Songs of Joy, Worlds of Hope”.  In this themed concert, we present global music and original student poetry, and dedicate the evening to a local charity…all donations of items and monetary contributions are given to a local charity, from the Marjoree Mason Center to Rescue the Children.  It is also during this time that we participate in local invitational festivals.

In December, we present “Yuletide Joy”, songs of the season.  In this concert, when people go home, we want them leaving with a song in their heart, in the spirit of the Holiday Season.  This is also when Chamber Singers and Contemporary A Cappella go into our community singing Christmas Carols for local businesses and organizations.

Our festival season is in March, and in order to ready ourselves for adjudicated performances, we present our “Spring Festival Concert”, usually in early March.  It is during this time that we participate in local CMEA and CUSD festivals.

These first three concerts are held at the Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall on the Clovis North Campus.

Our final concert is “Songs at Twilight”, presented on the amphitheater stage at Clovis High in late May.  This concert features performances of songs suggested by the students and choreographed by the students.  Themed around a musical era or concept, the students choose what they will wear in their performance based upon the songs they sing.  The audience enjoys dinner and a bake sale while the ‘stars’ come out!

Those who enroll in choir at CHS learn how to live better lives singing music that is…

  • Musically expressive and rewarding
  • Textually meaningful and relevant.  In other words…

Throughout the rehearsal process and in performance…

-Students learn to appreciate other cultures and peoples.

-Students learn to reflect upon their own lives.

  • Supportive of sound vocal production.  Students learn to produce beautiful, unified vowels.  Students learn to articulate with precision.  Students learn effective vocal production techniques such as breath management, tone placement, etc.

 Students learn about music history, music theory, and sight-singing.

  • Music history gives meaning to the music, makes it real.
  • Music theory gives the learning of the music a sense of order
  • Sight-singing skills help the students learn the music more quickly


A highlight of the program is our yearly out-of-town trip.  From Hawaii to New York to San Francisco to LA, our choirs get out and see the world.  In 2013-14 the CHS choirs performed in New York on the world-renowned Carnegie Hall stage.  This year found us at the Grammy Museum and on the beach at Santa Monica, and 2015-16, we hope to return to New York with some of our choirs and others will perform in Los Angeles.

Included in the year are opportunities to audition for various honor groups, and every year we have students selected to be in county, regional, state, and/or national honor choirs.

In the Cougar Choirs at CHS, lives are changed for the better, lifetime friendships are forged, and students are prepared to enjoy and perform music for all of their adult years.