English Language Arts


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The Clovis High School English department strives to teach excellent communication techniques through the study of the human condition, personal attitudes, and cultural traditions from which we obtain our ethics and values.  Communication, both verbal and written, is the lifeblood of our society’s ability to live creatively, collaboratively, and supportively.  Effective communication must be developed and nurtured within students from a wide range of capabilities and backgrounds.  Our department’s goal is to design curriculum that challenges all students.

Writing papers and reading literature provide opportunities for students to develop and grow in their communications skills.  From English Language Development to Advanced Placement courses, students become skilled writers and reflective readers.  Our goal is to inspire thinking and set the foundation for lifelong learning. Our developmental process seeks to allow students to better understand themselves and their world.  It is our goal that each will leave CHS empowered with their ability to express thoughts clearly and effect positive change within their world through sophisticated and clearer communication.