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Our Mission: The goal of our department is to prepare our students to participate in a global society. Students participating in a Modern Language course or courses will develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing as they prepare for college admission and all language endeavors. Students will also increase their knowledge and appreciation of diverse cultures, while acquiring life-long learning skills. Furthermore, we are committed to implementing and delivering the California World Language Content Standards and upholding department standards, policies, and procedures as specified within each course syllabus.

Depending on their interest, students at Clovis High School can take either French, German or Spanish language and culture courses. Students who choose to learn the French language culture can take French 1, French 2, French 3, and French 4. Students wanting to learn the German language and culture can take German 1, German 2, German 3, and AP German Language and Culture. Those students wanting to learn the Spanish language and culture can take Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1, Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2, Spanish 3, AP Spanish Language and Culture and AP Spanish Literature and Culture.