Social Science

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The Social Science Department believes that the success of our democratic nation is dependent upon a citizenry that understands our history, geography, social structures, and how government works.  High school students are required to take Geography during their freshman year, World History or AP European History as sophomores, United States History or AP U.S. History as juniors,  Government and Economics or AP Government as seniors.  We also offer AP Psychology, Psychology, and History through Film as elective courses.

The Social Science Department offers help for all students through a department lab led by Ms. Wolfe.  The lab is open Tuesdays and Wednesday’s at lunch and is hosted in room C-22. Any student that is having difficulties in their Social Science class should spend some time in the lab getting help.

We are also proud to be the department that guides students in the annual History Day competition.  Our students compete at the county level and the winners go on to the state and national competitions.  Clovis High School has had a long tradition of excellence and success at the History Day competitions.  See Ms. Hash in room C-24 for more information.

Lastly, The Social Science Department wants to encourage all students that have become eligible voters and anyone else that is eligible to register and vote in elections.  Please click on the following link to register if you are not currently a registered voter.