Cougar Cubs

Students from Clovis High area feeder elementary schools running out on the field during a football game

Clovis Cougar athletes are a product of the best feeder school program in the state. The Clovis Unified elementary and middle schools do a fantastic job of keeping kids out of trouble and involved in healthy recreational activities by providing athletic programs starting in elementary schools. Giving youngsters a free recreational program after school that includes exercise, team building and socialization has been wonderful for the whole Clovis community. It keeps kids off the streets and involved. The schools are the hub of activity and athletics create the hook that may be the only reason some students want to go to school every day. Most are even motivated to continue their athletics days at the high school level and a few are lucky enough to earn scholarships to continue their athletic careers at the college level. We love our future Cougars!

  • Baseball
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Swim and Dive
  • Boys Volleyball
  • Boys Golf
  • Boys Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Gymnastics
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Soccer
  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Water Polo
  • Boys Water Polo
  • Girls Golf
  • Girls Tennis
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Football
  • Cross Country


Visit our feeder school websites for athletic schedules and information. See below