General Information

Can we bring coolers to athletic events? 

Yes and no. Yes, you can bring small coolers. You cannot bring alcohol on a school campus.

Do you allow tailgates?  

Yes, if you contact Clovis High a few days in advance we can arrange for a place to be setup for you to host a tailgate. You are not allowed alcohol on a school campus. 

Do you have handicapped parking? 

Yes, there are handicapped spots in the north and south parking lots. There are also handicapped parking spots at the east end of Lamonica Stadium, on the access road. 

Do you charge for parking at the football games? 

Yes, but only for the south parking lot, enter by the baseball stadium. The charge is $5.00.

Can we use noisemakers at the games? 

Yes and no. No bells, horns or noisemakers are allowed EXCEPT those provided to the student section by Clovis High. Thunder Stix are sometimes handed out. 

Is the dress code enforced at the games? 

Yes, the CUSD dress code policies are enforced at games. The exception may be a costume used in the Homecoming Parade. 

What about face paint and hair color? 

For some games, face paint and hair colors are allowed. Check with the Activities Office. 

What items are prohibited? 

Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and weapons are always prohibited. 

Can I bring a dog to the game? 

Pets are not allowed on the CUSD campuses. An exception would be a service dog. 

Do you provide rooter buses?  

For some events, rooter buses are provided. The student wanting to attend can pick up instructions and the permission slip from the Activities Office. The Activities Office will make announcements when there is going to be a rooter bus. 

Where can I buy spirit wear?  

The CHS Student Store sells spirit wear. The football team sell their own spirit wear at the football games. Some teams sell spirit wear to the parents by flyer and word of mouth.