Forensics: Speech/Debate


The top five (5) reasons to join the Speech & Debate team …

1. You love being the center of attention!

2. You HATE being the center of attention!!

3. You are looking to attend college, and add activities to your resume. The number one item looked for with an Ivy League College is debate, second is competitive speech. There is no other “sport” in the world that stimulates all of the senses, requires constant interaction, develops critical analysis, and promotes individual success with an entire team’s support; all the while refining communicative skills and acting, as well as allowing for your opinions and ideas to be heard. This is drama, the courtroom, and an aerobics workout rolled into one!

4. You want to promote the Clovis High spirit!

5. You enjoy shopping, food and travel …

So it’s not one thing, but there are so many exciting perks about forensics you can hardly contain them in (5) little reasons, so join and find out about the most amazing personal and team adventure that you’ll ever have!!!

Information on the events:

There are four specific areas within Forensics, they are: Platforms, Interpretations, Limited Preparation Events and Debate. Within each of these areas there are a number of different events; Platforms are created/written by the student. Interpretations are written by another and performed by the student. Limited Preparation is created by the student, off the top of their head within a given timeframe. Debate, in any category, is an event that is initially prepared from research and current events, but blends the interpretive, platform and extemporaneous speaking.

Debate events

There are five different styles of debate; however CHS only competes in two.

Lincoln – Douglas Debate**: commonly abbreviated as LD Debate, or simply LD; is sometimes also called “Value debate,” because it traditionally places a heavy emphasis on logic, ethical values, and philosophy. It is a one-on-one competition. The Lincoln-Douglas Debate format is named for the Lincoln Douglas debates between Abe Lincoln and Douglas Adams; their debates were centered on slavery and the morals, values, and logic behind such a difficult subject.

Public Forum Debate**: Public forum debate can be compared to a nationally-televised debate, such as “Crossfire” in which the debaters argue a topic of national importance in terms that a "common" person would understand. The debate in public forum is conducted by teams of two people alternating speeches for their side. There is little focus on extreme speed or arcane debate jargon or argumentation theory; instead, successful public forum debaters must make persuasive and logical arguments in a manner that is accessible to a wide variety of audiences. Because of its strong relevance to the real-world and ability to develop life skills, public forum debate has exploded in popularity since its introduction into high school debate by the

There are five types of tournaments in which Clovis High School students may participate:

1. Local: (Redwood Region) Tournaments hosted in Fresno Area.  These tournaments are sponsored by Redwood Region.  All entry fees are funded by the team; expenses must be fundraised by the team.

2. Regional: (SVFL) Tournaments held on high school and college campuses in Fresno or Bakersfield areas.  The team funds all entry fees; expenses must be fundraised by the team.

 3. Qualifier: (CHSSA, NFL) Tournaments hosted in Area 2 of CHSSA and the Sierra California District of the NFL.  Students who qualify at these tournaments are eligible to attend the State and National tournaments.  Students must meet eligibility requirements to attend these tournaments.  The team funds all entry fees; expenses must be fundraised by the team.

4. Championship:  (State, nationals) Tournaments hosted by CHSSA and the NFL.  Students who advance from the Qualifier Tournaments are invited to compete at the State and National level.  The team funds all entry fees; expenses must be fundraised by the team.

5. National Circuit/TOC Qualifier:  (Invitational) Tournaments held across the nation where students have the opportunity to earn “bids” to the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, KY and/or the National Individual Events Tournament of Champions.