Graduation Requirements

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To be eligible for graduation, students must:

  • Earn 230 credits
  • Complete all subject requirements.

Click HERE for a printable version of the Graduation Rubric.Graduation Rubric.jpeg


Progress Towards Graduation

Twice a year, students are provided a copy of their academic transcript which shows total credits earned and are encouraged to review in detail to determine if they are on-track for graduation. Students who are deficient in credits or subject requirements need to meet with their counselor right away to develop a plan to get back on track. For most students, this means attending summer school or completing additional independent study work during the regular school year.  

Check your status twice a year.... 1st semester 2nd semester
Freshmen 30 credits 60 credits
Sophomore 80 credits 110 credits
Junior 140 credits 170 credits
Senior 200 credits 230 credits 



CUSD Course Catalog

16-17cover.jpgThe Course Description Catalog describes Clovis Unified School District's curricular offerings for the 2016-2017 school year. In collaboration with their counselor, students are encouraged to select interesting and challenging courses that will best prepare them for post-secondary experiences and options.

Download the 2016-17 Course Catalog





 CSU/UC Approved Course List

Courses used to satisfy "a-g" subject requirements for CSU/UC admission must be approved and appear on the Clovis High course list.

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