CUSD 5th Annual Job Fair

January 29, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Jordyn Ohashi, Reporter

Clovis Unified School District holds a job fair once a year in January. This year they held their 5th annual job fair on Wednesday, January 24. The fair began at 8:00am and did not end until around 6:30pm. Throughout the entire day, people were coming in to make connections and see if CUSD was the right school district for them.  

Hundreds of people were interviewed, all wanting various positions from teachers to librarians. The human resources staff of  CUSD put on a wonderful event for these people giving them the opportunity to make connections.

“This is a way for individuals who are wanting to work with us in certified positions to meet with us,” said Melissa Manion, Director of Human Resources for CUSD.  

Many of these individuals are CUSD alumni coming back to give back to the district that provided their education. CUSD has a welcoming and prosperous environment that appeals to many people.

“We have actually found that on average about 45% of the teachers are actually CUSD alumni,” said Manion. “There are a lot of alumni working in a variety of positions.” Read more...