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Principal's Message

Pam Winter, Principal

STAR testing will be held on April 9 and 10 for 11th graders in English and Math, for 10th graders in Life Science and for a few other select student.  As California transitions to the California Common Core Standards the amount of STAR testing has been reduced for 2014.  For 11th graders a practice Common Core exam will be administered on computers later in April.

Advanced Placement (AP) Testing will be May 5 – 16 at CHS in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science, Calculus, Statistics, European History, US History, American Government, English Language, English Literature, and Spanish Language.  CHS students in AP classes are doing college level work, preparing to take the AP exam and can get college credit.  All students in AP classes are expected to take the AP exam in May.  Students can be recognized as Advanced Studies Scholars of Distinction at Graduation by maintaining a minimum UC weighted GPA of 4.1 over five semesters (10th, 11th and first semester of 12th grade), pass at least two Advanced Placement exams, with a score of 3 or higher, by the end of their junior year, and complete at least five Advanced Placement classes in the high school years.

Parents please keep informed of your student’s grades.  The six week progress reports were mailed home recently and parents can access Zangle Parent Connect for further information.  If a student earns a D or F on their second semester grade in June, please call your student’s counselor to make sure that the summer school and next year’s schedule is correct.  In March, counselors will be meeting with all 9th – 11th graders to place them in the right classes for next year based upon their current grades. 

Mark your calendar for Monday, March 31 for CHS’s OPEN HOUSE.  See details included.

Clovis High School is a great place.  Get involved and support all Cougar activities.


Open House
Monday, March 31

PSAT, SAT and ACT Information

PSAT results are in!!  CHS 10th graders took the PSAT free for charge in October 2013.  Many CHS 9th and 11th graders also paid to take the exam.  In January 2014, all students received their password, reviewed their scores and learned how to access  for further information.  At this site , students can review every problem they missed,  learn how to do them correctly, do extra practice problems and prepare to take the PSAT test again as a 10th or 11th grader next year or the SAT as an 11th or 12th grader.  Improved PSAT, SAT and/or ACT scores allow for more college scholarships and college admission opportunities.   Students and/or parents who need their password can contact the counseling center at 327-1000.

Current juniors should plan on taking the SAT and/or the ACT in May or June of their junior year.




Register by ___


June 14, 2014

May 9, 2014


May 3, 2014

April 4, 2014


June 7, 2014

May 9, 2014

Sarah Kutzner

Sarah Kutzner, President’s Volunteer Service Award

Congratulations to Sarah Kutzner, a senior at Clovis High School, for being honored for her exemplary volunteer service with a President’s Volunteer Service Award.  The award, which recognizes Americans of all ages who have volunteered significant amounts of their time to serve their communities and their country, was granted by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program on behalf of President Barack Obama.  Clovis High nominated Sarah for national honors this fall in recognition of her volunteer service.

Sarah has volunteered numerous hours in her church’s food pantry and sports camps.  She would share songs and bible stories with children along with sports.  These activities kept the students out of trouble, away from danger and the story time taught proper morals and good characteristics that the children have applied to their lives.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principal (NASSP), recognizing high school students across America for outstanding volunteer service. 


Deputy Principal's Message

Dr. Pa Vue, Deputy Principal


We are already six weeks into the second semester and graduation will soon be around the corner.  We want to remind all students to stay focused and on top of their studies, but in particular our seniors!  Seniors, please remember to focus on your grades, attendance, and make good choices every day. 

Attendance is a critical part of being successful in school, but if a student has to be absent, they need to be cleared by their parent.  In addition, we request that parents contact the attendance office when a student is going to be gone five days or more to determine if the student qualifies for an independent study contract.  The office must be notified five days in advance.  Also, students may only be released to a designated person who is on the student’s authorization release form. Thank you for following our procedures.


Stanford News

Sean Osterberg, Learning Director

Social Science Department

The Social Science department would like to express their gratitude for the work that Principal Pam Winter has done at Clovis High School. She has served our department and school with intelligence, fairness, and unbelievable commitment. We wish her the best as she takes on a new position and want her to know that we will hold her in the highest regard and will miss her dearly.

On another note, County History Day is just around the corner. Students led by Ms. Hash will be competing in March for a chance to go on to the state competition in May. Good luck to our History Day team.

Lastly, the Social Science department would like to invite students to consider taking AP classes and electives in the department. AP options include European History, Unites States History, United States Government, and Psychology. We also have a non-AP elective Psychology course in the Fall that is paired with History Through Film in the Spring. These classes are meaningful and enjoyed by the students.




English Department

All English classes are currently involved in performance expectation assessments.  These essays test writing competency where students demonstrate their understanding of literary analysis.  Holistic rubrics are used by each respective grade level team to score each paper.  These assessment instruments have been realigned to common core standards this year. 

English 10 has just completed the California High School Exit Exam.  Results should arrive in April.  The PSAT was given to the tenth graders; students were given a print-out of their results to allow them to assess their strengths and weaknesses and address these before they take the SAT.

English 11 is preparing the 11th graders to take the Smarter Balanced test and the EAP (Early Assessment Program) Test.  If the student passes this EAP Test in March, he/she will not have to take the English Placement Test for college entrance.  This year the juniors will also be taking the traditional STAR in April.

Congratulations to David Menendian, who was recently honored by Heather Demetrios, a 2001 CHS grad. Heather wrote a novel which received the Susan P. Bloom Award for new authors.  She dedicated the book to Dave Menendian, and when giving him his signed copy, she had written a personal note:  “This book is real because of you. How could I possible thank you enough?” The book, Something Real, is based in the Clovis-Fresno Area; there is a character in the book based on Mr. Menendian. The book will be available next week at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.  Congratulations to Dave Menendian!!  What an amazing tribute to an outstanding instructor!!!

Our Mock Trial had an outstanding season and again won the Fresno County Championship this year.  These talented team members will be heading to the California State Championships on March 21-23.  If you are interested in reading more, here is a link to the Fresno Bee article:

The yearbook staff is working diligently to produce yet another magnificent record of the school year getting even more students featured. The price of the yearbook is currently $54, but the price will increase and pre-orders will end May 1. Extra copies have been ordered for those who do not reserve one, but the quantity is limited. Preordering is the best way to ensure your student gets a book in June.

Forensics has had a very successful year and is currently preparing students for state qualification. 

Yale News
Kathy Blackburn, Learning Director



Theater Arts


Oxford News

George Alvarado, Learning Director


Counseling Center

Gina Dean, Stephanie Frazier, Barbie Hansen, Karl Peterson, Gary Prentice, Billy Ware, Sonja Wilson



Library News
Donna Ervin, Library Media Teacher

Upcoming Event: Top 50 Reader’s Reception

When: Friday, April 4th at lunch                   Where: Library Annex 

The library will host the annual “Top 50 Readers Reception” to celebrate progress towards the California English/Language Arts Standard of 2 MILLION WORDS per year (the equivalent of 40, 200 page books).  Invitations will be delivered at the beginning of the week of March 31st. 

What a Transformation!


Database Spotlight – ABC CLIO

      New at CHS - This collection of resources is designed to engage students by provided a wealth of information in a wide variety of formats such as text, political cartoons, maps, audio, and video clips.  The one-page reviews offer students the option of developing a basic understanding of each topic and      then progressing deeper into content.  This is a super resource to support common core!

Includes subscriptions to:

Issues, Pop Culture Universe, American Government, World Religions,

and World History: Modern Times.

Username = clovishs 

Password = cougars

Access @ Your CHS Library Website and click on the “Online Resources” tab.

Better Internet Searching with Boolean Operators

(A few to get you started – watch the library page for additional tips)

Boolean operators are useful for expanding/narrowing search results and may be used for internet and database searching.

" " Example:"mechanical engineering"

Usage: for phrase searching but may also keep a single word from changing formats.This is helpful for narrowing to results with an exact word or phrase.

- or NOTExample(s):-movie

NOT movie

Usage:removes an unwanted word from search results which is helpful in narrowing results.

+ or ANDExamples(s): "job market" +outlook

"job market"AND outlook

Usage: limits results to those containing both words. In this case the results would include only webpages containing both "job market" and outlook.

| or ORExample(s): bilingual|multilingual

bilingual OR multilingual

Usage: expands results to include websites having either term.

* Example: linguist*

Usage: expands results to include webpages with variations of a word. In this case linguist, linguistics, etc.

Example: "this * endeavor"

Usage: As a wildcard. To replace unknown words or yield results using a variety of words.


Usage: limits results to include information from certain websites or with specified domain endings. For the first example, only educational sites will be included in the results list. The second example narrows results to content from the website.

Usage: to retrieve results similar to ones you already know. In this case, other news sites.

nearExample:bilingual near engineer

Usage: to locate sources containg two words in close proximity to each other.

Research Tip


Kate Williamson, Activities Director


Senior Activities

               SENIORS and families:  Graduation is quickly approaching!  June 3rd is just around the corner.  A few reminders and announcements to keep you in the loop:

  • Cap and Gown orders along with announcement orders for graduation should have been completed.  If not, please call Graduate Services at 431-2541 immediately or visit their website at
  • Senior Meetings will be April 9th and 10th.  It is MANDATORY for all Seniors to attend. 
  • Grad Night is at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Cost is approximately $145.  Reservations will be made during senior meetings on April 10th.  We will travel to Grad Night on May 29th .
  • Students: If you would like to submit a graduation speech, turn your prepared speech into activities on or before March 7th.
  • Make sure grades stay a priority as we approach graduation. 


Rally-February 7th

               On February 7th the South gym was transformed into a Saturday morning television with our theme “90’s Cartoons”.  Seniors were Scooby Doo while the Juniors brought back some of our favorite characters from Looney Tunes.  Sophomores were The Flintstones and Freshmen were fittingly, the Rugrats.  It was a great rally, full of school pride as we highlighted the seniors from girls and boys basketball, girls and boys soccer and wrestling teams.  ASB video speeches were shown at this rally.  Our ASB candidates outdid themselves planning funny speeches with purpose.  Many students who attended the rally were captivated by their creativity and humor.  Last but not least we saw the hard work of the Powerful PowderPuff cheer team composed of guys from all different grade levels coached by members of our CHS cheer team.  The Juniors won rally decorations and the Seniors were the overall rally winners.  As we sang the Alma Matter, we were proud to be cougars.  It was stunning!  Great job cougars.

ASB Elections

               After the video speeches were shown at the rally, students got the opportunity to vote in their 6th period classes.  Congratulations to all candidates who ran for ASB office.  We are so fortunate that you have chosen to be leaders at our school.  The election results are below. 

ASB President

Connor Morello

ASB Vice President

Ryan McVicar

ASB Secretary

Sarah Pereira

ASB Treasurer

Caeleb Trace

ASB Commissioner of Athletics

Mikayla Sodersten

ASB Commissioner of Media and Public Relations

Conner Stevens

ASB Commissioner of Spirit

Tori Coles

Jessica Staicer

ASB Commissioner of Performing Arts/Clubs

Hayden Mammen

ASB Social Commissioner

Ally Cooper

ASB Commissioner of Human Relations


ASB Commissioner of Community Service


ASB Commissioner of Sound and Events


Where the Hearts Are!

Where the Hearts Are – February 14th

               This annual event at Clovis High School was designed to make a difference in the life of EVERY Clovis High Student. ‘Where the Hearts are’ is a fun event that promotes school culture and builds up a sense of belonging among our community.   Leadership students cut out paper hearts for every student and staff member on campus and wrote one name on each heart.  Over 3,000 hearts were made for our Cougar community.  Hearts were divided by grade level and posted on big signs alphabetically.  Students and staff members collected their hearts from specific locations the morning of Valentine’s Day and wore them around campus all day.  There were also three ‘Heart Doctor’ locations where students went if they lost their heart, someone stole their heart or if they had no heart at all.  The ‘Heart Doctors’ fixed any broken hearts too. Special thanks to the Counseling Center, Yale Office and Activities Office for being heart doctors.  Students loved this event and the sense of community that it promoted around campus for every Clovis High Cougar.

Mosaic Assembly

               The Annual Mosaic Assembly delighted the Clovis High School Students, Staff and 5th graders from the Clovis Area Feeder Schools.  Meagan Turner and Emily May planned and organized an assembly that highlighted the beautiful differences that make our school so special.  Many students, staff members and classes participated in a video, created by Sarah Pereira and Michael Dumas, that illustrated the meaning of the Mosaic assembly by recreating a Clovis High version of ‘We are the World’.   The Folklorico group, El Alma de Clovis High, advised by Mrs. Macias, showcased their skills in a traditional dance.  The AASU club designed a stomp type dance to showcase equality.  The Asian Club told a story through their lovely traditional Hmong dancing.  Re- Mix kicked it up a beat with their flips, tricks and teamwork.  The Latin Dance Club, advised by Mrs. Lopez, performed a beautiful dance.  Some of the stunning Polynesian Dance Club of Fresno members performed a traditional and iconic dance.  Our new show choir also sang a beautiful song.  We heard a speech from Dr. Vue and a captivating poem from Haylie Lewelling.  Aubree Facio and Alejandro Solano shared about their experiences.  Sophia Loria-Venancio from Sao Paolo, Brazil and Marie Gultez from Hamburg, Germany shared about life and traditions in other countries.  This beautiful assembly struck to the core of many individuals inspiring them to read beyond the cover, getting to know people and appreciating the differences among our strong and talented COUGAR community.  Thank you to all people who were involved in this event, you are connecting the puzzle, one piece at a time



The Junior class has been busy planning our 2014 prom for May 3rd at Holland Park West.  Bids will be about $80 for couples and $40 for a single bid.  The Junior class will begin selling these 2 weeks prior to the prom.  Clovis High will be hosting a Prom Fair on Thursday, April 3rd at lunch.  Vendors will be here to pass out flyers and answer any questions you may have about prom preparations. 

Class Officer Elections March 4th

               Class Officer Applications were available in the activities office from February 3rd to 21st.   All officer candidates needed to film a speech and submit their application by Friday, February 21st.  Elections will occur on Tuesday, March 4th in a special assembly. 

Leadership Applications

               If students are interested in joining our leadership team and making a difference on the Clovis High School Campus, please stop by activities to pick up the application.  If you like to plan events such as rallies, assemblies, dances and graduation, leadership is the perfect place for you!  We have a great time in leadership learning about and creating ways to get all CHS students involved and proud to be a COUGAR.  You can also access our application online at .  Applications were due to activities on Wednesday, February 26th.  The Activities Office is still accepting applications for next year’s alternates. 


Pep and Cheer Tryouts
for 2013-2014 teams

  Tryouts for the 2013-2014 pep and cheer squads will be held on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th





    Pep and Cheer

Pep Classic

               Clovis High School Pep and Cheer hosted a wonderful Annual Pep Classic on January 25th that showcased talent from schools and private dance studios throughout the central valley.  It was a delightful day filled with families cheering on their teams and students showing classic spirit and tremendous routines. 

Spirit Night

               Clovis Area Spirit Night was held on Thursday, February 27th.  Fans got to see well planned and practiced routines from Gettysburg, Mickey Cox, Jefferson, Sierra Vista, Clovis Elementary, Red Bank and Weldon.  Clark Intermediate also performed.  Cheerleaders and families alike got to see Clovis High Pep and Cheer perform their Nationals routine that they will be taking to Anaheim in 3 weeks.  We are so proud of the talent found in all of our Clovis area feeder schools.  Once a cougar, always a cougar! 


Ed Schmalzel, Athletic Director

How exciting! The Cougar Varsity Baseball team's trip to North Carolina was a great experience and we are so proud of the Cougars. Here is a link to a great website that includes photos and highlights from the trip. Way to go Cougars!


Cougar Baseball shines in
North Carolina






Noel wins

Prep softball: Clovis coach Mike Noel is fifth to 500 victories


The Fresno BeeMarch 13, 2014

Clovis High's Mike Noel, here with his 2007 team, has lined up a long run of excellence with the Cougars that in 2014 now has seen him become the fifth softball coach in Central Section history to reach 500 career victories.

Clovis High's Mike Noel became the fifth softball coach in Central Section history to reach 500 wins when the Cougars beat Jefferson of El Paso, Texas, 11-0 on Thursday morning in their opener at the Kick-Off Classic in Las Vegas.

Taylor Tiger had four hits in the victory: a second-inning triple and a third-inning home run along with singles in the fourth and fifth innings.

“It made me think about all the different characters I’ve had,” Noel said. “I’ve had teams that have battled for every win we’ve got. I’ve been very blessed that I was given this job. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Noel added to his total later as Clovis improved to 2-0 at the tournament with a 6-0 victory over Franklin-El Paso behind Samantha Blair's no-hitter with 14 strikeouts.

Noel is 501-164-5 since taking over at Clovis with four games left in the 1995 season, according to records kept by section historian Bob Barnett. Noel could move ahead of Del January -- 502-174-4 between stops at Clovis West (1978-79), Clovis (1980-88), Washington (1991) and Buchanan (1992-2003) -- into fourth on the section career list before the end of the current tournament, with Clovis playing twice Friday and at least once Saturday.

“I love working with the kids, that never gets old,” Noel said. “I love competing in the games, and I’ll keep doing that until I don’t want to anymore. But that’s a long ways away.”

Individual state champions Justin Mejia and Nick Nevills celebrate their wins

Cougar Grapplers Capture Record State Title

Congratulations to the Cougars on their FOURTH consecutive state title. What an absolutely amazing season - capped with being ranked the NUMBER ONE public school team in the nation. We are so proud of our Cougar Grapplers!

What a great team, a great season and a great staff - Way to go Cougars!




Steve Tirapelle and Adam Tirapelle Inducted into Cailifornia Wrestling Hall of Fame

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Steve Tirapelle and Adam Tirapelle on their induction into the California Wrestling Hall of Fame. Well-deserved honors. We would also like to make you aware that the Hall of Fame dinner this year is local – so if you would like to show your support for Steve and Adam, the information is below. Congratulations Steve and Adam – your contribution to Clovis High and amateur wrestling is nothing short of phenomenal. Congratulations to you both!

Clovis' Nick Nevills, USA
All-Stars top Pennsylvania's best at Dapper Dan Classic

The Fresno Bee March 16, 2014

Nick Nevills continued to prove himself as one of the nation's best 285-pound high school wrestler with a 5-3 defeat of Thomas Haines on Sunday at the Dapper Dan Classic in Pittsburgh.

Nevills, a three-time California state champion headed to Penn State in the fall, got two takedowns and escaped once from Haines, a four-time Pennsylvania state champion out of Solanco-Quarryvile.

Nevills was the only wrestler from California on the USA All-Stars that was coached by Clovis assistant Adam Tirapelle.

The USA All-Stars beat the Pennsylvania All-Stars 25-16.

Signing Day

Congratulations to three Cougars that recently signed to continue their athletic careers at the college level. Soccer players Lindsay Dovali and Jenna Gennusso are going on to play soccer and Giulianna Tragitt is going to play water polo. Good luck Cougars!!

Soccer signers Lindsay and Jenna are sharing their special moment with their families, coaches and teammates.

Water Polo player Giulianna Tragitt is supported by her parents, coaches and teammates. Good luck Giulianna!

Congratulations Girls Basketball

The Cougar Girls Basketball program had a great season, still going strong as the fourth seed in the valley. Seniors Malerie Crenshaw, Samantha Earl, Makalah Vosmera and Faith Woods were honored at Senior Night by their families, coaches and fans. Way to go Cougars!

Cougar Wrestlers Capture TRAC, Valley Titles

Congratulations to the Cougars on their TRAC and Valley titles. Their season has been nothing but astounding. The team is in pursuit of another state title and their goal is to once again be named the #1 ranked public school team in the nation. Good luck Cougars!

At the Clovis High vs Buchanan Dual meet, the wrestling team agin did their best to bring attention to their campaign to bring wrestling back to Fresno State, including using the red Fresno State mat and having FSU President Joseph Castro do the coin flip. Way to go Cougars!


Clovis High Football
Crab Feed

April 5th

Physical Education

Ed Schmalzel, Learning Director for Physical Education

Welcome to the world of Physical Education! Most of your questions regarding PE can be answered in the PE Handbook. Here is a link to the:  Physical Education Handbook (new 2013-2014 issue)

Physical Education Department Staff:

Peter Tragitt, Department Chair (

Stacey Schiro (

Debby Mennucci (

James Patrick (

Steve Tirapelle (

John Jones (

Kevin Johns (

Richard Lake (

Johnny Lopez (
Rich Hammond (


Cougar Foundation
Becky Luplow



News in Brief

March and April Calendars

CHS SART and IDAC meetings

SART (Student Assessment Review Team) and IDAC (Independent Diversity Advisory Council) are monthly meetings that all parents are invited to attend in order to become better informed about programs and services offered at CHS.  All meetings are at 9:45 – 11:00 am. at CHS on Thursdays, March 13, and May 8 in room K-01.

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  • Savemart and Food Maxx:  Swipe your SHARES card every time you shop and 3% of your purchase price goes back to CHS.  If you or your neighbors need SHARES cards, there are more in the CHS front office.
  • Target:  If you designate on your Target credit card, then 3% of the purchase price returns to CHS.

Thank you for your support of Clovis High School

Parents: Check Zangle!

Parents please check Zangle, Parent Connect, weekly to track your student’s assignments, grades and attendance.  If you need a password, please email the CHS registrar at, .  If you have questions about what you see on the Zangle Parent Connect report, please have your student ask the teacher or contact the teacher by phone or email.