Bus Information

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CART Bus Schedule


CTE/ROP Bus Schedule: CHS to Clovis East 1st and 2nd periods


CTE/ROP Bus Schedule: CHS to Clovis East 3rd and 4th periods


CTE/ROP Bus Schedule: CHS to Clovis East 6th and 7th periods


Stagecraft/Drama Tech Theater II

For Additional Bus Route Information call 559-327-9700 or see the CUSD District Site 



The following bus passenger guidelines are presented in order that each student who rides the bus will arrive safely, on time, and in the proper frame of mind to learn.

Home to school transportation is provided at no charge for students that attend Clovis schools and reside in the transportable zone as defined below.

Transportable Zones

Grades K-6 residing 1 mile or more from school site.

Grades 7-12 residing 2 1/2 miles or more from school site.

The distance is measured by the most direct route from the school property to the student's home.

Requirements for Riding a School Bus          

1. Arrive at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled leave time.
2. Wait for your bus in a safe place – Well off the road.
3. Wait until the bus is completely stopped, enter your bus in an orderly manner and take your seat immediately.
4. Be courteous to your school bus driver and fellow passengers.
5. All students shall board or exit the school bus only at the students’ authorized bus stop.  “Authorized” bus stop is defined as the bus stop closest to the student’s residence.  Exceptions to this regulation will be permitted only on a daily basis when the student has a written statement bearing the parent’s signature, and signed by a school administrator.  The written statement shall be forwarded to the bus driver.  (The Administrator’s signature shall include the administrative title, the time and date signed.  If there are any questions, administration should contact the parents.)
6. Students must have their school ID’s to board the school bus.

Posted Bus Rules of Conduct


1. Fighting (physical contact) ***, fighting (verbal altercation) **, threatening behavior and/or harassment***, of any kind is prohibited.
2. Weapons, smoking, laser pens, drugs, or alcohol are forbidden on or near a school bus.
3. Cross the street in front of the bus and only under the supervision of your bus driver. ***
4. Follow the instructions of your bus driver at all times. **
5. Students are to remain seated and facing the front while the bus is in motion. **
6. Keep your arms and head inside the bus at all times. **
7. Profanity, indecent language, or obscene gestures is prohibited. **
8. Any property defaced or destroyed on the school bus will be paid for by the student and/or parent/guardian. **
9. Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are prohibited.*
10. Spitting or throwing objects on the bus or out the window is prohibited.*
11. Loud or boisterous noises, singing or whistling will not be permitted.*
12. Glass objects, inflated balloons, cleats, radios, tape recorders, roller blades, skateboards will not be permitted.*
13. Animals or insects (dead or alive) are not allowed on the bus.*

 Failure to comply with these rules will result in the following:

            ***Zero Tolerance-10 day suspension from bus

            **Level One-5 day suspension from bus

            *Level Two-2 day suspension from bus

1. California law governing school buses and school pupil activity buses (SPAB) "Holds the driver responsible for the orderly conduct of pupils while aboard the bus" (5CCR 14103). 

It also states "a school bus or SPAB bus shall not be put into motion until all passengers are seated.  All passengers must remain seated while the bus is in motion."  (13CCR 1217).  This means that students cannot use the restroom facilities aboard a SPAB bus while the bus is in motion.  Failure to abide by one or more of these rules shall result in the loss of bus riding privileges.

Each bus driver will be responsible for the bus and for all passengers at all times, except when students are under the sole jurisdiction of a faculty member at the activity or event that they are attending.

1. Procedure for issuing a “Warning of Unsatisfactory Conduct on or Near a School Bus”

At the drivers discretion, up to two warnings may be issued to a student before issuing a “Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct” referral.  A driver may choose to issue a “Warning of Unsatisfactory Conduct” in lieu of a “Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct” referral.  A maximum of two warnings may be issued per student, per item as indicated on the warning report


Bus Discipline Procedures

1. Violation of the posted rules and regulations shall result in the loss of bus riding privileges.  A student who rides the bus in theClovisUnifiedSchool Districtis disciplined in accordance with the statutes of the State ofCaliforniaand will be subject to disciplinary actions for violation of any of the Posted rules of Conduct for CUSD, as outlined in District Policy.

2. School Officials shall normally apply progressive discipline procedures when the driver issues a “Notice of Unsatisfactory Conduct On or Near School Bus” referral as outlined: (see next page for referral forms)

3. The first referral and second referral the school site administrator issues appropriate discipline as outlined:

“Zero Tolerance” section = 10 day suspension from bus

“Level One” section = 5 day suspension from bus

“Level Two” section = 2 day suspension from bus

4. The third referral: suspension from all CUSD buses for the remainder of the school year.

In cases where the school officials determines that the student behavior causes a danger to person or property, the student shall be immediately suspended from rider ship.