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Academic Decathlon - Advisor: Mikayla Camenson (P08)

Academic Decathlon is widely recognized as the most prestigious academic competition in the United States. Students in Academic Decathlon compete in 10 subjects: math, science, literature, social Science, economics, art, music, speech, interview, and essay.  Students begin preparing over the summer and continue until February.  There are two competition days on a Saturday in late January and/or early February.  During the first day of competition, students deliver their prepared speech, an impromptu speech, and write their essay.  On the second day of competition (a week later) students take the seven subject tests and participate in the live competition called Super Quiz.  After the Super Quiz there is an awards ceremony.  Individual students can earn bronze, silver or gold medals in each category and for each division. Each school can have 9 members on their competing team and the team must be made up of 3 “A” students, 3 “B” students and 3 “C” students.

If you're interested in taking your learning experience to the next level come join us! For more information see Ms. Camenson or visit the United States Academic Decathlon website.

Forensics: Speech & Debate  - Advisor: TBA

Speech and debate is an academic competition that is comprised of different events centered around public speaking. Speech events vary greatly and encompass many different interests. Interpretation events are ten-minute performances of any published work, such as books, plays, and movies. Platform events are originally written ten-minute speeches ranging from persuasive to informative to narrative. Limited preparation events are for those with a quick mind. The competitor has a limited time to prepare a speech on any given topic. In debate, CHS offers Lincoln-Douglas debating and Public Forum debating. Lincoln-Douglas is a one on one value debate that uses heavy emphasis on logic, ethical values, and philosophy. Public Forum is a team debate that focuses on topics of national concern. Speech and Debate competitors attend local and invitational tournaments to prepare for state and national championship competitions. Team member also become life members of the National Speech and Debate Association, an honor society highly regarded by many universities. Anyone can join Speech and Debate at any time during the school year.

If you are interested in joining the team, please contact your counselor. For more information on speech and debate visit the National Speech and Debate Association website.

History Day - Advisor: Lindy May (C24)

The CHS Social Science department is proud to offer students an opportunity to compete in the annual History Day competition. National History Day, is a year-long educational program that encourages students to explore local, state, national, and world history. Students compete at the county level and the winners go on to the state and national competitions. Clovis High School has had a long tradition of excellence and success at the History Day competitions.

See Ms. May in room C-24 for more information or visit: National History Day of California.

Math Team - Advisor: Jason Maresh (D26)

Math team members (or mathletes) attend weekly meetings in preparation for two math tournaments that take place on a Saturday in March at CSU Bakersfield and a Saturday in April at Fresno State.  During meetings, mathletes will work on practice problems, ask questions of the previous week’s assignment, and/or take notes on a new mathematical topic. Active participators in the math team receive the following benefits:

  • Sharpened problem-solving skills
  • Instruction in and experience with math concepts not taught in high school math classes.
  • Increased capacity for and ability to apply abstract thinking skills.

Mock Trial - Advisor: Leanne Lewis (P13)

Mock Trial is a competition team that holds a hypothetical criminal case trial in a court of law. Mock Trial was created to help students acquire a working knowledge of our judicial system, develop analytical abilities and communication skills, to develop the ability to think on their feet, and to gain an understating of their obligations and responsibilities as participating members of society. Each year the Mock Trial team is given a new case that covers issues facing America’s youth of today and compete with teams throughout Fresno County.

Students try out for the team in early fall (no prerequisites). Although, students should be interested in public speaking, building confidence, and a desire to be part of a close-knit team. During tryouts students are given a script from a trial. They are given a few minutes to read over it and practice. Then, they will present their script to the coaches. There are several different jobs on a Mock Trial team. Students could be selected to be anything from an attorney, witness, defendant, bailiff or time keeper.  All jobs are EQUALLY important to a Mock Trial team’s success!

Practices are twice a week during the fall and then up to four times per week as the competition season begins in late winter/early spring. Typically each team will compete four to six rounds. The winners of the county competition go on to the State Finals in March. For more information or to join our team see Ms. Lewis.

Model United Nations - Advisor: Information coming soon

We are an academic team started in 2016 by one student interested in understanding the world around her. We compete locally and are working on traveling to two out of area competitions in December and March. Student Model UN conferences mimic the real UN using current world problems to develop real world resolutions. We practice during lunch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We do practice outside of school 3-6 weeks before a competition. We are a small team but welcome anyone interested to come visit our practices.   

Robotics - Advisor: TBA

Team 6926, Roboticats, was created in 2017 after a Clovis High Alumni approached Mrs. Carter with start up money. Our goal is to foster a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) community by teaching students, programming, electronics, computer aided design and fabrication, in addition to graphic design, videography, website administrations, financial management, and entrepreneurship. Roboticats welcome all to try  and compete in a minimum of three California competitions from October to April.  Practice days, outside of season, run Wednesdays and Fridays from 3-5pm.  In season, Janurary-April,  we move practice days to Wednesday through Saturdays typically from 3-6pm.  We currently have a team with 20 members and five mentors. 

Science Fair - Advisors: Lucas Moldenhauer (C06)

The Clovis High Science Department is proud to offer students the opportunity to participate in the Central Valley Regional Science, Math, and Engineering Fair. The Fair is an annual competition for students in grades 6-12 and provides an opportunity for discourse among like-minded, high-achieving middle and high school students across the Central Valley. The Fair fosters an interest in and an excitement about science, mathematics, and engineering while offering a rewarding competitive setting in which students can showcase their research projects and set the stage for the rest of their academic careers. Students are mentored by their science teachers through the course of the year with the competition occurring in mid-March. The Fair offers students the chance to network with one another as well as professionals in the community. Selected projects are taken to the State competition in Los Angeles where students can win prizes ranging from cash awards, scholarships, and physical items like textbooks and electronic devices.

If you're interested in taking the study of science to the next level or just continuing a project from the past, speak with your science teacher today! For more information on competition dates, deadlines, registration or forms please visit: Regional Science Fair website.

Science Olympiad - Advisor: Doug Warner (E06) and Jillian Jett (C02)

Science Olympiad is an academic competition where students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of science. Student pairs compete in 23 different events that challenge their knowledge and their skills in genetics, astronomy, chemistry, environmental science, forensic science, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering, and technology.  Science Olympiad team members begin preparation in October for the regional competition at Clovis North High School in March. All interested students are encouraged to join.

Contact your Science teacher today! For more information on teams and tournaments visit Science Olympiad Inc.

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