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Earning College Credit in High School

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If you are a motivated and self-driven student, there are several ways to acquire college credit while in high school (see categories below). Please note that any college classes taken while in high school will be on your permanent college transcript/record. A poor grade could affect college admission or financial aid down the road. If you are interested, please peruse the following information and then contact your counselor with any additional questions. 

Advanced Placement (AP)

A student who has enrolled in an AP course at Clovis High will have the opportunity to take a test at the end of the year and earn some college credit. How much credit is received, what score on the AP test is needed, and what college requirement each AP test fulfills will differ by college so it might be beneficial to spend some time researching your colleges of interest and the AP courses you have taken or are planning to take. 

Clovis Community College Advantage Program (CCCAP)

CCCAP is available only to 12th grade students and is a way to garner 12 general education units during senior year. During the year, CCCAP students will complete the following four courses (two per semester)– Art 2 (Art Appreciation), Psychology 2 (General Psychology), History 1 (Western Civilization to 1648), and Sociology 1A (Introduction to Sociology). CCCAP is part of the student’s senior schedule and as a result, they will also earn 20 high school elective credits. Enrollment fees are waived, but students will need to purchase textbooks. Transportation can be provided by Clovis Unified and classes will be hosted on the Clovis Community Herndon Campus. The typical schedule for CCCAP is Monday/Wednesday/Friday 1-3 pm, however some classes may be online, as determined by the college. Interested students should talk to their counselor during registration spring of junior year to ensure they are considered for this opportunity.
To qualify for CCCAP, students must meet the following minimum requirements:
  1. Must be a senior on-track for graduation with a 2.5 GPA or above.
  2. Must get approval from parents, principal, and counselor.
  3. Must be enrolled in 4 classes at Clovis High to complete senior schedule.
  4. Must have not received a D, F, Incomplete, or NP in any former SCCCD enrichment or dual enrollment course.
Steps to Enroll in CCCAP:
  1. Let your counselor know you are interested by writing CCCAP on your registration form during the spring of your junior year.
  2. Fill out the Online Application for SCCCD to get your community college ID number. You must select “Enrichment/Dual Enrollment” under “Term Applying For” in the application.
  3. Once you have your SCCCD ID number, fill out the CCCAP Dual Enrollment Application (one of the CHS counselors should guide you through this particular step).
  4. Student and Parent review and sign the Clovis High Enrichment Contract and turn in to your counselor.
Note: Due to restrictions on available seats and reliance on the college system for ultimate accessibility, we can never guarantee a spot in CCCAP. If there is a large quantity of interest in any given year, we will use a fair and unbiased method of determining who is selected.

Community College Enrichment

“Enrichment” is a term used in this case to reference taking community college courses during summer or during the school year while still a high school student. Beginning the summer before sophomore year, Clovis High students can take 1 or 2 enrichment courses each semester (summer, fall, spring). Due to the independent effort required to register and be successful in these classes, students must be intrinsically motivated and driven. Enrollment fees for these courses are waived, but students will have to purchase college textbooks. Transportation Is not provided and students do not receive high school credit for enrichment courses. 
To qualify for enrichment, students must meet the following requirements:
  1. 11th or 12th grade student who is on track for graduation with a 2.5 minimum GPA OR 10th grade student who is on track for graduation with a 3.0 minimum GPA
  2. Approval from parents, principal, and counselor
  3. Enrollment in a full schedule at Clovis High School
  4. Must have not received a D, F, Incomplete, or NP in any former SCCCD enrichment or dual enrollment course
Steps to Enroll in Enrichment:
  1. Fill out the Online Application for SCCCD to get your community college ID number by email. You must select “Enrichment/Dual Enrollment” under “Term Applying For” in the application. 

  1. Once you have received your SCCCD ID number by email, fill out the Enrichment Application for whatever campus you want to take classes at:
    1. Clovis Community
    2. Fresno City
    3. Reedley College

  1. Decide what classes to take by searching “Transferable Courses” on assist.org. If you don’t know where to start, begin in Area 3 (Art) or 4 (Social Sciences) of the General Education categories. 
    1. Clovis Community College IGETC
    2. Fresno City College IGETC
    3. You can find the dates/times/location courses will be offered through using the Guest Access on WebAdvisor

  1. Student and Parent review and sign the Clovis High Enrichment Contract and turn in to your counselor.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment essentially means receiving both high school and college credit simultaneously. Along with CCCAP, there are some other courses at Clovis High which do provide a dual enrollment opportunity (see list below). Students must have at least a 2.5 to enroll in Dual Enrollment.
  • Expository Reading & Writing (P)/English 1A: This course is open to 12th grade students only. Students take ERWC (P) in the fall and English 1A in the spring. Students who complete both semesters will earn 4 college credits for English 1A and 10 high school English credits. Eligibility is based on 9th-11th grade English grades/performance.
  • CTE Careers in Education: In the spring semester, students will take Education 10, Introduction to Teaching, online through Clovis Community. Students will earn 3 college credits alongside their high school elective credits. Students will also have the option to enroll in EHD 40, Careers in Education, through the Fresno State Uni-Track Program. Open only to seniors.
  • CTE Careers in Child Development: Open to 11th and 12th grade students. In the fall, students will take Child Development 1, Principles and Practices of Teaching Young Children, online through Clovis Community. Students will earn 3 college credits alongside their high school elective credits.
  • Other CTE Programs that have had Dual Enrollment in the past: Fire Fighting Technology, Medical Careers, Health & Medical Wellness Building Scaled Structures, Engine Technology. Instructors of those programs can provide additional information.
  • CART has five courses that are dual enrolled: Psychology and Humans Behavior, Cybersecurity, Web Applications and Game Design are dual enrolled through the State Center Community College District and the Environmental Research class is Uni-track with Fresno State.


The Uni-track Program at California State University, Fresno allows dual enrollment for high school students, who can earn college credit while enrolled in an approved Uni-track course. There are minimal student fees for these Uni-track courses. If you choose to participate in a high school program through California State University, Fresno, you will be held to the same standards, policies, regulations, and deadlines that govern all students enrolled at Fresno State. Uni-track courses will earn college credit, and a permanent grade will be recorded on a California State University, Fresno transcript. Students can request a Fresno State transcript upon completion of the coursework. Some Universities will not accept Uni-track course credit toward the degree.  We are aware that some University of California campuses limit or prohibit Uni-track credit.
Courses Currently Uni-track approved: AP Environmental Science, AP Government, AP Spanish Language

Requirements for Uni-track Students

  • Cannot earn both course credit and A.P. exam credit when they attend Fresno State. If the student does not attend Fresno State, then they will have to check with their institution on possible restrictions.
  • May register for up to 8 units of academic credit, per term/semester. No student will be approved for additional units.
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