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Celebrating the arts
The Clovis High visual Art programs offer comprehensive courses to engage students at all levels, teaching the complexities of the creative process.  All class offerings are two semesters.  Completed courses with a C or better fulfill needed prerequisites to apply for CSU or UC admission. Visual Art classes at Clovis High consist of three pathways for student exploration.  Art I, II and III, Photo I and II, and Ceramics I and II are offered.  After completing the beginning courses, with a B or better, students may consider the advanced courses in these disciplines. The goal of the CHS Visual Arts Department is to provide a quality education in the studio arts.  Students will explore the creative process, historical and cultural awareness, aesthetic value, analyzing and critiquing their work as well as the work of others.  Our vision is that students will create art that they would be proud to show in any public venue.  

Ceramics at CHS is a year-long, comprehensive course allowing students to experience the tactile qualities of clay.  Students are taught hand building skills such as pinch, coil, slab and wheel throwing.  All techniques are covered by the instructor.  Assignments are given to students as problems to solve with criteria to fulfill.  This allows for creativity, exploration, and cognitive reasoning skills, helping to strengthen young minds through the process.  The advanced class offers much of the same, but allows the student to concentrate on skill sets and mastery of the art of sculpture or pottery. 

Art I is a beginning high school art class.  The curriculum is designed for students to explore art concepts, develop techniques, and grow an appreciation for the art field. Whether the student is a novice or has prior experience, the class will enhance skills and develop the art concepts universally. The Art Elements and Principles of Design are at the core of the curriculum, as well as exploring modern and historical artists and their works. Students will learn basic techniques used in pencil, water color, color pencil, and other media in art while developing skills in proportions, perspective, and more. Art II students will build on Art I and will further their understanding of the Elements and Principles and the techniques used to incorporate them into their projects.  They will continue to develop their personal style and character in their personal projects. The media used will be determined by the various assignments. Art III students will build on Art I and Art II and will concentrate on their personal creativity as well as developing an historical aspect of art. They will also have greater input on their projects and media.

Photography I - The Photography I course is designed with the beginning to novice photographer-student in mind. Students will be introduced to the film process - from capturing pictures with a manual camera to developing the film to making prints in a darkroom. Students will also learn the basics of digital photography, emphasizing the use digital tools to build a foundation for artistic achievements. In our Mac-based classroom, you will learn the fundamentals of Above Photoshop and will use those skills to enhance your digital photos and create other digital imagery.

Intro to Digital Photo (CTE I) - Introduction to Digital Photography is a beginning photography course
emphasizing in art, composition and the digital arts with the purpose of exposing students to various career opportunities in the digital media world. Students, working in an industry-designed Apple iMac computer lab, will learn more of the technical aspects of Adobe Photoshop in order to enhance their digital photos and will create a variety of digital imagery and print publications.

Topics of study include but are are not limited to : the Fundamentals, Principles and Elements of art; the history of art and photography; designing, setting, and exceeding project requirements; identifying design elements when preparing images; learning to manipulate and publish images using Adobe Photoshop; interviewing practices and working within a group environment.

Digital Photo II (CTEII) - This advanced Photography course has our independent student-thinkers in mind that are seeking to expand their art and photo skills. Students will dive into studio work, lighting, portrait and composition concepts while enhancing their knowledge and use of Adobe Photoshop. This course builds on what students learned in our Introductory courses and continues to build on those fundamentals. Topics include setting project requirements, identifying design elements when preparing images, understanding advanced areas of Photoshop, manipulating images using Adobe Photoshop, publishing images using Photoshop, and portfolio development.

Advanced Photography II - Our Photo II course is designed for students interested in a more personalized approach to photography as a fine art form. Students must complete our Photography I course (or an equivalent course) and must possess a drive to work independently and finally, must meet with the instructor prior to enrolling in the course. Students will be encouraged to produce a personal photographic portfolio where the given assignments encourage and develop a more effective means to communicate rational (intellectual thought) and emotional (personal feeling and belief) reactions to the world around them.

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