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Stephanie Hanks
Matt Hernandez
Deputy Principal
Daniel E. Bravo
Activities Director
[email protected]
Jesse Hardwick
Athletic Director & Learning Director: P.E.
Amanda Howes
Learning Director: Choir, Modern Language, Science
Cari Loete
Learning Director: Special Education
[email protected]
Sara McAvoy
Learning Director: Math, Student Services
[email protected]
  Jennifer Thao
Learning Director: Dance, Drama, English, ELL, Transition Program
  Demetra Vincent-Walker
Learning Director: Band, CART, CTE/ROP, Fine Arts, Social Sciences

The Gary Prentice College & Career Counseling Center

Stephanie Frazier
Head Counselor
Gina Dean
Todd Deck
Corinne DenHartog
Joanna Salinas
Robert Shuman
  Billy Ware
  Sonja Wilson
  Kevin Ngo
Transition Counselor


Lilia Grealy
Head of Attendance 
Yesenia Hernandez
Staci Ishisaka
 [email protected]

Health Services & Student Emotional Support

Ellen H. Gates, RN, PHN
School Nurse
Cathy Mencarini
Health Services Assistant 
Jill Duran
Mental Health Support Provider
Jessica Castillo
School Psychologist
Keith Williams
School Psychologist
[email protected]

Transition Team

Chrissy Wilken
Miriam Moreno
Transition Counselor, Elementary
Kevin Ngo
Transition Counselor, Secondary
[email protected]
Karen Marriott
Elementary Specialist 
Vanessa Black
Program Coach 
Noel Felix
Program Coach
  Ashante Horsely
Program Coach 
  Gabriel Hughes
Program Coach 
  Caitlin Luna
Program Coach
  Jason Miranda-Mauricio
Program Coach 
  Sarah Pereira
Program Coach 
  Jessica Salazar
Program Coach 
  Jeff Vue
Program Coach 
  Jennifer Wilson
Program Coach 

Business Support Staff

Marina Banuelos
Administrative Assistant to Jennifer Thao
Patti Carpenter
Administrative Assistant to Daniel E. Bravo and Activities
Suzie Fender
Tiffany Gaskill
Gay Gentry
Foundation and Cougar Store
[email protected]
Diane Giovannoni
Office Manager
Administrative Assistant to Stephanie Hanks 
  Veronica Gordon
Foundation and Cougar Store
  Sheri Hawkins  
Administrative Assistant to Amanda Howes
  Cynthia Locke  
Administrative Assistant to Jesse Harwick and Athletics
  Ysidra Lopez  
Administrative Assistant to Matt Hernandez
  Rebecca Luplow
  Alma Marquez  
Administrative Assistant to Counseling
  Jill Payne  
Administrative Assistant to Sara McAvoy and Student Services 
  Nicole Pierce  
Administrative Assistant to Demetra Vincent-Walker
  Juli Thornton  
Administrative Assistant to Counseling
  Anne Townsend
  Tina Williams
Data Processor 

Cougar Learning Commons

Cindy Boyd
Library Technician 

Student Services

Daniel Amparano
Student Relations Liaison 
Rollie Gibson
Campus Monitor 
Tilo Salazar
Student Relations Liaison
Scott Scharton
Student Relations Liaison
Cooper Steele
Student Relations Liaison
[email protected]
Ross Taliaferro
School Resource Officer

Teachers by Department

  English Language Arts
Lila Al-Ghizawi
English 10, Expository Reading and Writing
Leslie Arambula
English 11, Creative Composition and Literature
Andrew Blanchard
Expository Reading and Writing, Experiences in Literature II, Careers in Education
[email protected]
Mikayla Camenson
English 10, AVID 11, Academic Decathalon
Thomas Craig
Expository Reading and Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, Yearbook
Brent Dyck
Co-Department Chair, English 10, College and Career Seminar
[email protected]
  Katy Habib
English 11, English Lab
  Jonathan Heinz
English 9
  Lori Herb
English 10, Intervention
  Elizabeth Howard
English 10, English 11 
  Alison Johns
English Language Development 
Kristy Lane
English 10 Honors, AP English Literature and Composition 
  Leanne Lewis
Exploration of Child and Adolescent Literature, Contemporary Issues in Education
  Sarah Perkovich
Co-Department Chair, AP English Language and Composition, English 11
  Geoff Petersen
English 9 Honors, English 9
  Kevin Peterson
English 9, AVID 9, Study Skills 
  Michael Salazar
English 9
  Katherine Urrutia
English 9, AP English Literature and Composition 
  Tara Wills
Expository Reading and Writing, English 9
  Social Sciences
Evan Baird
World History, AP World History
Thad Crews
Government, Economics 
Tim Douglas
AP Government, Psychology,
Instructional Technology Coach
[email protected]
Lindy Hash
World History, AP European History
[email protected]
Jonathan Howerton
Department Chair, Psychology, AP Psychology
Martin Johnson
College and Career Seminar
  Steven Kaufmann
Government, AP Government
[email protected]
  John Martin
United States History
  Shawn Murray
Government, Economics, Collaborative Mentoring
Svenja Oliver
World History, AP Art History
  Ryan Tucker
United States History, World History
  Katie Wayne
United States History, Psychology
Emily Wolfe
United States History, AP United States History
Pete Arguijo
Math 2, Math 3 
Robert Berry
Math 1, Math Tutorial 
Bill Buettner
Statistics and Probability, AP Statistics
[email protected]
Tosh Demsey
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC
Carl Eberly
Math 3, Foundations of Math 3
Carlos Garcia
Math 2, Math 2 Honors
  Ralph Garcia
Math 1, Advanced Math
Brian Hirayama
Math 1, Keyboarding/Intro to Computers
  Cody Kendall
Math 2
  Jason Maresh
Math 2 Honors, AP Computer Science
  Sean McManus
Math 1
  Noah Minton
Math 2, Foundations of Math 2
  Michael Noel
Keyboarding/Intro to Computers, Student Leadership
  Jeannette Pires
Department Chair, Math 3 Honors
Nick Scharton
Math 1, Math 3
  Jahn Trutna
Math 2
  Julianne Virgadamo
Math 3, Math 3 Honors
  Annelis Walker-Mummert
Math 1
Justin Yager
Math 1, Math Tutorial
Bart Ballard
Carrie Beauchamp
Health, AVID 9 
Constance Boyd
Anatomy and Physiology, Physics and Technology
Greg Friesen
Chemistry, Physics, AP Physics
Rich Hammond
Study Skills
Alan Inouye
Physics and Technology
[email protected]
  Eric Jett
  Carolyn Mendonca
Chemistry, AP Environmental Science
  Joshua Purves
Department Chair, Biology, Biology Honors
  Kaitlin Rolen
Biology, Biology Honors
  Joni Sumter
AP Biology
  Sherra Vongehr
  Douglas Warner
Chemistry, Chemistry Honors, AP Chemistry
  Milena Wilson
  Physical Education
Gregory Clark
PE, PE Crossage Tutor, Collaborative Mentoring, Study Skills 
Katie Green
PE, Dance Repertory, Drama 1 Collaboration
[email protected]
Rich Hammond
Jonathan Heinz
Ephion Jackson
Richard Lake Jr.
PE, Student Leadership
  Johnny Lopez
  Chris Patrick
  Eloy Quintana
  Gabriel Schaefer
PE, Health
  Stacey Schiro
  Tiffani Schramm
  Peter Tragitt
Department Chair, PE
  Modern Language
Perla Alamo
Department Chair, Spanish 1, Spanish 3, Spanish Native Speakers 1 
Meghan Anderson
French 1, French 2, French 3 
Rhonda Brand
German 1, German 2, German 3, AP German
[email protected]
Silvia Ceccarelli
Spanish 1, Spanish 2, AP Spanish Literature and Culture
Imelda Duran
Spanish 1, Spanish 2
Dora Macias Sanchez
Spanish 3, AP Spanish Language and Culture, Folklorico
[email protected]
  Anthony Rosales
Spanish 2, Spanish Native Speakers 2
  Cassidy Salinas
Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Peer Counseling
  Vicky Xiong-Lor
Hmong 1, Hmong 2, Hmong 3
  Visual & Performing Arts
Douglas Adrian
Photography 1, Photography 2, Intro to Digital Photography
Jennifer Appleby
Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, Soprano and Alto Choir, Vocal Ensemble
Casey Boggs
Advanced Band, Advanced Orchestra, Marching Band
[email protected]
Rennon Fielding
Department Chair, Ceramics
Megan Hamilton
Drama 1, Drama 2, Drama 3, Drama 4, Advanced Technical Theater
Steven Madden
Jazz Band, AP Music Theory
[email protected]
  Darryl Miller
Art 1, Art 2, Art 3
  Esmeralda RochaLozano
Advanced Band, Advanced Orchestra, Advanced Band Honors, Marching Band
  Special Education
Rose Caley
Health VS, English 10 Collaboration
Nicole Chapple
Functional Life Skills Program
Christi Fuller-Cooke
Access to the Community 12, English Lab Collaboration 
ChristiFuller-C[email protected]
Ray Harlow
Math 2 Collaboration, Transition and Career 10 VS
John Ledieff
Math VS, Foundations of Math 2 Collaboration, Physics and Technology Collaboration
Leah Martindale
Co-Department Chair, English VS, Science 1 AI
[email protected]
  Joshua Smith
Functional Life Skills Program
  Christine VanBebber
English 9 Collaboration, English VS
  Todd Wilson
Math Collaboration, Math VS, 
  Christina Wolfgang
AI Classes
  Dawn Zinger-Corley
Co-Department Chair, Customer Service VS, English 9 Collaboration, Math 1 Collaboration
  Career Technical Education
Fred Avila
Building Information Modeling 
Andrew Blanchard
Expository Reading and Writing, Experiences in Literature II, Careers in Education
[email protected]
John Eichmann
Building Scaled Structures, Building Trades, Electronic Systems-Sound and Communication
[email protected]
Cynthia Huerta
Department Chair, Careers in Child Development
Leanne Lewis
Exploration of Child and Adolescent Literature, Contemporary Issues in Education
Jason Mullikin
Basic Automotive 1, Automotive 2, Automotive 3, ROP Engine Technology
[email protected]
  Ben Orozco
Basic Metal Manufacturing, Construction Technology 1, Fundamentals of Carpentry
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