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Acceptance and Understanding of All

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Clovis High School strives to promote acceptance, understanding, and interaction of ALL students and staff. Through an ongoing effort to educate students to understand the needs of ALL students, we seek to ensure these qualities are pervasive aspects of the climate and culture of Clovis High School.

Mosaic Assembly

Clovis High's annual Mosaic Assembly is presented to the entire campus each spring. Members of the various cultural performance clubs and teams showcase dances unique to their herritage. This assembly is a celebration of the way that students' unique cultures come together to form one inspiring image that we are fortunate enough to call Clovis High School. In addition to performing for the entire Clovis High School student body, the performers at each year's Mosaic Assembly also perform for the 5th grade students from all eight Clovis High Area feeder elementary schools.
This year's conference is March 13, 2020

Harriet Film Screening

Harriet: Trailer

Harriet movie poster
In November, student members of the African American Student Union (AASU), IDAC, and Diversity Club will take part in a private screening of the upcoming feature film Harriet. Following the film, the students, along with members of Clovis High School's Administration team will engage in meaningful reflection discussion about acceptance and understanding.

Cultural Success Conferences

Each year, Clovis Unified hosts various conferences celebrating the vast array of cultures and people that make make up our district. Through the cultural clubs at Clovis High School, Cougars are helping to plan, organize, and facilitate these first-class events. We anticipate high rates of attendance at this year's conferences, as at last year's conferences.
Conference Dates:
Asian Student Success Conference: December 4, 2019
African American Student Union (AASU) Conference: February 2020
Latino Student Success Conference: March 9, 2020

Family Groups

Every month, time is set aside for second period classes to engage in Family Group lessons. Family Group lessons are intentionally designed to get students interacting with their peers. The lessons often deal with topics intended to promote good citizenship and reinforce the characteristics of model Cougars.

Collaborative Mentoring

This course is designed for General Education (Mentor) students who desire to help others who have special needs, students with IEPs, or 504 plans. Mentor students will work one-on-one with Special Education students to help them complete a variety of projects. Together, students in this program demonstrate every day what it means to work together to take care of each other and CHS.
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