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Staff Training Promoting Understanding of Cultural Differences

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The administration, faculty, and staff of Clovis High School are committed to creating an inclusive environment that supports all students’ academic achievement and social-emotional well-being. Staff professional learning includes regular, on-going awareness training for all certificated and classified staff members.

Culturally Relevant Teaching Trainings

Every Clovis High teacher has either attended, or will attend, a professional development day to learn Culturally Relevant Teaching strategies. Some of the training opportunities include:
  • Transforming Educators
  • Empowering Students
  • Culturally Relevant Teaching wiht Dr. Akua 

At Transforming Educators and Empowering Students, educators learn expectations and strategies to create a diverse, learning environment.  These trainings increase cultural awareness, understanding a culturally responsive environment to transform classrooms and educational environment. 


Cougar Strong

Clovis High School is currently in the process of training their staff on the principles of Character Strong. Character Strong is an organization that "offer[s] comprehensive solutions for effective, sustainable school culture change." Character Strong will not only promote character education, but will also foster meaningful connections between staff and students built on mutual trust and respect. Once the staff is trained, Cougar Strong will be rolled out campus-wide in 2021-2022 via Family Groups. 
Learn more about Character Strong by clicking the link above.

The Coffee Bean

 The Coffee Bean by Jon Gordon and Damon West has become an inspirational must read for leaders. Clovis High School's faculty and staff are all reading and gleaning great wisdom from this book. The faculty and staff are looking forward to sharing the message of transforming one's environment, overcoming challenges, and creating positive change to Clovis High's students in December.
For more information about The Coffee Bean, visit Jon Gordan's website by clicking here.

No Place For Hate

Clovis High School earned the designation of a No Place for Hate school through the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The ADL’s No Place for Hate initiative seeks to provide a framework to “combat bias, bullying and hatred,” in order to achieve a “long-term solution for creating and maintaining a positive climate,” in PreK-12 schools (ADL 2017). The administration, staff, and students of Clovis High worked together to host intentional activities in our established Family Groups (read more about family groups here) as well as through additional school-wide activities. Teachers were trained and delivered these lessons to foster an inclusive and safe community where all students feel respected and are given the opportunity to thrive on campus. 

In keeping with Clovis Unified’s core values of “educating students to reach their potential in mind, body, and spirit,” and the belief that we need to “meet the educational needs of all children,” Clovis High is setting out to affirm “all means all” in Clovis Unified. Clovis High wants to unify its campus around the belief that all students have a place to belong here in Cougar Country!
Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit
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