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Student Human Relations

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Continuing Clovis High’s tradition of seeking student insight and leadership on campus, our student human relations groups strive to promote positive inter-group relations and assistance in problem resolution on campus.

Student Representation

Student IDAC:
Similar to the IDAC meetings held for parents and community members at CHS and at the CUSD offices, Student IDAC is a regular meeting that students are invited to attend to discuss and promote diversity on campus and throughout school-wide initiatives.
Principal's Academic Student Advisory Committee (PASA):
PASA is a group of students from a diverse range of grades, academic, social, and ethnic backgrounds that meet regularly with Principal Stephanie Hanks to discuss campus culture. Members of PASA provide pricelss insight into campus life and the social climate around Clovis High School.  
InspirEd is a student club whose goal is to bridge the gap between how students feel at school every day and how they want to feel. Through various acts of kindness and service to their peers, the InspirEd members are actively promoting postivity and unity on campus.
Diversity Club:
Diversity Club is a student organization dedicated to promoting posotive student relations by encouraging students to embrace and value what make each person unique. 
Diversity Council:  
Each month, leaders representing Clovis High's wide-range of student clubs and organizations come together to meet and discuss campus life and culture. In addition to coordinating for campus-wide events, the Diversity Council works to ensure that there is a platform for all students to have their voices heard. 

9/11 Assembly

Clovis High joins schools accross Clovis Unified in hosting an annual assembly to honor and remember the lives lost on September 11, 2001. In addition to remembering and honoring those that lost their lives, Clovis High School takes time to refelect on the ways that the nation came together in the wake of tragedy. Students and staff are encouraged to look for ways to be united in purpose with one another. 

Core 3 Training

In February 2020, locally-trained mental health professionals from St. Agnes Hospital in Fresno, CA visited and presented select teachers and students with what was referred to as a Core 3 Training, or overall mental health & wellness day. Held in the north gym, approximately 90 students and staff participating in team-building activities, listened to motivational stories/speakers, in addition to sharing in a small-group setting. Activities were designed for participants to reach out to other students and staff in hopes of making connections for those students dealing with student traumas, anxieties, academic pressures, and other mental health challenges. Once the event was finished, group facilitators and teachers identified students that required intervention follow-up. As a result, school psychologists, counselors, teachers, and peer counselors met with students in the weeks that followed to ensure these connections were continued and students identified remained supported in an effort to increase positive mental health status.

Cougar Strong

Clovis High School is currently in the process of training their staff and students on the principles of Character Strong. Character Strong is an organization that "offer[s] comprehensive solutions for effective, sustainable school culture change." Character Strong will not only promote character education, but will also foster meaningful connections between students built on mutual trust and respect. Cougar Strong will be rolled out campus-wide in 2021-2022 via Family Groups.
Learn more about Character Strong by clicking the link above.

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